Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing about those Head Coverings

The purpose of my blog in its beginning was to share the myriad writings online about head coverings of all sorts. And there are myriad writings online. When one reads an article from a un- or ill-informed source, the underlying theme seems to be: "What's the big deal? Why do women and men choose to wear this thing on their head? Why the controversy? It's such a little thing!" Yes, it's little, but it's also a big thing. Every modern and historical culture, every religion, every fashion outlet and every health service is directly or indirectly affected by "those head coverings". How can I say that?

I have Google searching for me daily and mailing me updates of articles, blogs and other sites where the words "headcovering" or "head coverings" are used. Once a week, I get a list which has searched out the terms "veil", "veiling", and "head scarf" as well. There is always email for me, even when I don't take the time to post here. From small articles in nature walks or about dressing well in the changing season (which usually recommend head coverings strongly or even require them) to forum chats in one of any kind of setting, not necessarily religiously based, discussing the why, when, how and where to buy of head coverings. Several outlets are available for head covers focused specifically toward those who have lost their hair and have this innate desire to cover their head, whether for propriety, comfort or to ward off the weather. More and more over the past couple of years since I've started this blog, I am finding other bloggers writing about their own experience in "taking the veil" - whether as a convert in some way, or just coming to a new understanding.

With all of the information that I've seen "out there", I am still amazed at the numerous articles written that still ask, "what's the big deal?" Which is why it is important to be informed ourselves, and to be ready to give an answer to all who might ask us to explain the reason for these headcoverings. The reasons may be myriad, for sure, but we each need to understand this "little thing" that is a "big thing" after all.

Sampling of Links for the Week:

Head Covering of the Week.. A New Favorite Blog... And A Moving Update!
from "A Woman's Place" blog: with a lovely lace veil photo, and a link to an article on headcovering and dress in worship

Headcovering of the week...
from "Life of a Catholic Librarian" blog: with a sweet Garlands of Grace headcovering photo, and links to more

Where's the Hair?
from "Just call me Chaviva" blog: a newly married Orthodox Jewish lady writes about taking on hair covering and reactions to it, with a cute personal picture, in hat

Staff, students show support for principal diagnosed with cancer
article in (Florida, USA): Teachers and staff show solidarity with their beloved principle who has lost her hair to cancer and now wears a headcovering, by wearing scarves and coverings themselves. One wonders if this kind of support would be shown if all headcoverings were suspect and banned in public places. I love this story.

New section of Canary Creek trail to open
article in (Dealware, USA): trail worker volunteers are recruited. "Those planning to attend this event should wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts or jackets, head coverings and sturdy walking shoes." Type of headcovering not specified. I guess we are clever enough to figure out what it means.

Sometimes I get a little snippy.