Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another Handy Use for Headcoverings

Or, Men in Sikh Turbans Save Lives

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Farmer uses turban to save drowning teenage girl - Kamloops, Canada
"We were trying to look around for branches, and he just sprung to action, took off his turban right away, threw it in the water and pulled her to shore."

But wait, there's more! 

May 2015:  Man uses turban to help boy hit by car - New Zealand

'I saw a child down on the ground and a lady was holding him. His head was bleeding, so I unveiled my turban and put it under his head,' he said.
'I wasn't thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, "He needs something on his head because he's bleeding". That's my job - to help.
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September 2015: Men use turbans to save 4 men from drowning - India

Two heroic Sikh men have broken religious protocol by removing their turbans to help save four men from drowning.
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June 2016: Man uses turban as a rope to save dog - Punjab, India

With the help of some bystanders, he managed to climb down the banks of the canal by holding one of his turban, which he used as a rope.

NOTE: Among the Sikhs, the Dastaar is an article of faith that represents honour, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. Sikh men and women wear the turban partly to cover their long, uncut hair (kesh). Normally turbans are only removed in the most intimate of circumstances, when bathing the head, or washing the hair.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Radio Interview with Headcovering Singer

How New Age singer Snatam Kaur surprised Oprah for her birthday Shared via the CBC Radio Android App

"Her voice has been described as that of an angel.  

"For Snatam Kaur, singing is a kind of prayer. She's known internationally for her sublime sacred chant, an ancient practise known as kirtan."

Headcovering conversation starts at 20:15, in which she describes her turban as like a crown.