Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Hang on to Your Hats' opens tonight at museum

'Hang on to Your Hats' opens tonight at museum - Fort Morgan Times

New in-house exhibit created from museum's collection of headgear
By JENNI GRUBBS Times Staff Writer
Posted: 01/25/2012

. . .

"It wasn't that long ago that everybody wore a hat," she said. "Whether you were the president of the United States or a day laborer, everybody wore a hat."
But today, wearing hats in everyday life has become "more of an anomaly," Cooper said.
"In just a couple of decades, my, how things have changed," she said. "Hats were such a part of our culture for centuries."
Now, Cooper and the Fort Morgan Library & Museum are hoping that area folks will come revisit that culture and history on display in "Hang on to Your Hats."

Display in Colorado only, but an interesting idea!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Translating ancient traditions into modern language"

Translating ancient traditions into modern language - The Pueblo Chieftain: Local Lifestyle:

"I love working with youths. They tend to pose difficult questions." ...

"First out of the bag: "Why should women wear skirts and head coverings at church?" "

GOOD thoughts.  Laws have applications.  Rules have reasons.  God is not random.  People are people.

Includes this nugget:

The last thing you want your attention drawn to when
you come to pray is a nice pair of calves or a sexy hairdo (yes,
men do notice them).

Short article; please read.  :)