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. . . helping you to figure out why some women, and some men, choose to cover their heads with more than just hair. 

Hopefully this page will provide you with a start or further help in your study and understanding of the worldwide, ages old practice of covering the human head.

Links on Headcovering

**(disclaimer) Inclusion here does not mean that I do or do not agree with all of the teaching you will find contained in these sites.

The links here are organized below, by:

* Christian sites, including a subset of numerous Roman Catholic sites,
* Islamic sites,
* Jewish sites,
* Coverings for Cancer 
* Illustrations showing how to cover
* and Various Other sites.

You will find links to Sales sites with these informational sites, as well as in the links to  Headcovering Illustrations

Christian Headcoverings Web Sites

In response to the New Testament command for women to cover while praying or prophesying, in response to God's order of headship, creation of glory, and "because of the angels". Answering the questions of command, custom and tradition.
Usually refer to headcoverings (one word), head coverings, veil, snood, prayer veil, chapel veil, mantilla, church hat, doily, prayer cap

Islamic Headcoverings Web Sites

In response to the Quranic scripture advising men and women to be modest, and to either cover themselves or lower their gaze.  
Usually refer to veil, head scarf, hijab, head covering, nikab

Jewish Headcoverings Web Sites

In response to the ancient tradition of modesty and humility in behaviour, often referred to as tznuis, and understanding of Rabbinic instruction. Also refers to men's head covering. 
Usually refer to tznuis, head scarf, head covering, hair covering, snood, teitchel, sheitel, mimkhatah, turban, yarmulka, kippah

Headcoverings for Cancer Web Sites

Because women who lose their hair due to cancer treatments desire something to cover their head.

"Headcoverings Illustrated"

links to websites illustrating head coverings, usually with photos, for those who wonder what the various head coverings might look like, today and in history.  Includes instruction and patterns, as well as sales.

Various Other Links 
"Headcovering Customs of the Ancient World" - An Illustrated Survey, in bible-researcher.com, by Michael Marlowe Includes Greek, Roman, Jewish as well as general dress of ancient times. 

Head-dresses and turbans - Institute of Draped Clothes - Various Links and histories from around the world and various time periods

Ladies' Accessories - Hats, Bonnets and Veils - Karen Augusta Antiques - Photographs, some Information - antique head coverings, from the 1800's to the early 1900's (use link from this page to find "hats, bonnets and veils")

What's Your Hat-itude? - article from Africa Travel Magazine - Head covering as fashion - limited Information, Photos, History

Indian Dupatta – From Behind the Veil - History of the Indian head and shoulder scarf called "dupatta". - an Indian travel site

"Why do Sikhs Wear Turbans?" - Thorough article by Sikhnet.com, including internal link (type "how to" in the search bar) to webpage with photos and videos of how to wear the turban

The 5 K's: The symbols of the Sikh ... - Sikhism . An introduction. Compiled by Buvdeep Singh. Discusses the practice of men's head covering and the turban

Headgear - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Definitions and overview, with internal links to various types of headgear, from an encyclopedic point of view

Head coverings for gangs - "Perpetuating Gang Mentality Through Sports Logo Apparel," by Bret Stephenson 2002 A study, with pages of photos and explanations.

My Findings:

I think that you will notice that wearing head coverings is not (and should not be) done JUST BECAUSE of some random oppressive, ignorant, or male-dominated mandate.

Wearing a head covering is (and should be) a
made by women all over the world,
throughout the ages.

(*Natural - part of one's nature, which to me means given by God.  If a woman chooses to cover her head in deference to Spiritual Authority, to her, this is merely obeying the human nature of women that she understands that her God gave her.)

See also the first website I tried to make when I began my own studies: thoseheadcoverings.zoomshare    
This site is still up and photos are available for viewing, though I no longer "maintain" the site.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you have been helped by the information here, and especially if you have further information or links, please contact me at : thoseheadcoverings at gmail dot com

- LisaM

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