Saturday, April 20, 2019

Same Old Headcoverings

Are times changing for head covering women (or men)? The modesty or reverence of a head covering is still firmly attached, and the criticisms by those who don't feel the need or desire to cover their heads are still opined almost daily. People are still coming to conclusions and/or realizations about those head coverings. Politics and culture is still a big part of wearing a piece of cloth on one's head. As has been pointed out for many things, "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Men and women show their faith and devotion by covering their heads, or even their hair. Some women and men show their fashion style. Some people work in the sun or an environment where they need to protect their head. Head coverings are used as a symbol or identification with a group. And many people have a personal, natural desire to cover a head that was previously covered by hair with a hat, scarf or other covering. 

Other folks don't see the need for additional covering to hair, despite having reasons pointed out to them. They sometimes make fun of those who do. They sometimes bully those who do. Sometimes, not understanding others, they assign their own divisive meanings to that piece of cloth, and may even develop a fear or hate of the person who covers, and make rules and laws that compels others to go against their beliefs, morals, or comfort, simply to appease those who cannot or will not try to understand.

Education will always be needed, as it always has. Some will listen and learn. Some my even adopt the practice themselves. And some will not care, as long as they don't have to change themselves. Others will not listen, and ignorance will bring about harm to others. As it has always been. 

Keep learning. Keep sharing what you learn with others. Uncover the light. But let others cover their heads - sometimes that simple act can itself shine a light. 


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