Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogging about Christian Headcovering

Christian headcovering doesn't make the news very often, unless it's to compare a nun's habit with the Muslim hijab, but the blog world often carries discussions, questions and other thoughts about the role and position of Christ-following women covering their head for worship times and/or all the time.

Free To Cover is relatively new to headcovering, as many other Christian headcover-ers who blog seem to be. She follows the Orthodox Christian traditions and writes often about her choice to cover her head, and with what shall she cover it. I appreciate the honesty with her latest blog entry, concerning personal attitude toward head covering, and thinking through why we choose to cover: " A moment of honesty".

Grace in Bloom is a rural homeschooling Mom, who posts: "Good question", presenting her thoughts on headcovering from a Biblical standpoint, in the midst of a busy life, where, as with so many of us, convictions can waver. Read also the link to her earlier article, which you can find in her opening paragraph.

Ginger Pie writes her answer to: "What is on Your Head?". She is a member of an Old Path's Bible Baptist church. Click to read this blog for many links on headcovering, as well as some "where to buy a headcovering" sites.

While you're reading the writings of others about the headcoverings spoken of in 1 Corinthians 11, also see the entry: "John Murray - Birthday and Head Coverings", from turretinfan at blogspot. It's an excerpt from a letter (with a link) that John Murray wrote from Scotland in 1973 to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Australia on the subject of head coverings.
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