Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Never Out of Style

From a review of a boutique in Syracuse, New York: "Best Head Games", in

Image"For decades hats went alongside white gloves as a required part of a lady’s ensemble. The social set would not dare venture out wearing the most important item to complete an outfit and it was not too long ago that Catholic churches would not allow a woman to enter without some head covering. All this has gone by the boards today, although there is a tiny trickle of interest in reviving head-gear chic. One demographic that has never wavered from wearing a hat when going to a social or church function is the African-American community. It is a special pleasure to see the ladies dressed up in their best bib and tucker, topping everything off with a sassy chapeau. And not just any hat, mind you, but one that makes a definite statement. "

Sunday best: Priscilla Evans, proprietor of Hats by Priscilla, sells finery for the church-lady set in the heart of Eastwood. MICHAEL DAVIS PHOTO
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