Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cover Your Head for Your Health - Cold Weather

This report just in. Again. As in previous years: cover your head in cold weather.

"In places where it's extremely cold -- like Maine, Wisconsin or Montana -- McCullough said it's important not to forget to insulate the legs as well as the head, hands and feet.

""You can't just put on a jacket and expect to be comfortable in very cold conditions," she said.

"Mom was right if she told you to wear a hat, too. McCullough said that hats are important because your head is physiologically different from other parts of your body.

""Blood vessels in your head don't constrict," she said. "The first place vessels constrict is in the hands and feet so that your body won't lose heat as quickly. But the blood vessels in the head don't constrict, because your body's priority is keeping the brain functioning."

"McCullough said the main reason a hat will make you feel warmer is that it's the last place many of us think to cover up.

""Often people have most of their other body parts covered," she said. "If the head is the only area left uncovered, you can make a tremendous difference to your clothing insulation by simply adding a hat.""


Photo above from: "knitting pattern: Mumsey Headscarf" - neat pattern!

Also, you may want to check out Pixiebell Elfinwear's Etsy account for some other neat winter head coverings, or if you're a knitter yourself, some ideas...
Photos here of "Earthly Fae Hood in Sky Blue" and "Pixie Hat in Grass and Boucle - Child" from Pixiebell Elfinwear
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