Thursday, October 9, 2008

Those Unconventional Christian Headcoverings

October 8, 2008, Sweetly Proverbs 31 at blogspot writes "Taking the Next Step".

After deciding to post a photo of her new apron, she notices her headcovering, and writes this very sweet explanation and admittance of her decision to wear a headcovering, and also to finally explain to others her decision of obedience. Part of her post follows:
In reading 1 Corinthians chapter 11 regarding headcoverings it is rather easy at first to justify that these verses mean one thing or another, depending upon what you want it to say. If you do not like one translation, just read another, and then of course we could justify it with claiming it was just a custom and it really does not apply to today. But with further study this becomes increasingly difficult to do. After much study, even more prayer, and plenty of discussion, we finally came to the conclusion that the meaning is pretty clear cut. For quite some time we had understood this practice in regards to worship...but what about daily life?

Opinions on whether or not to cover for daily life vary, and I am still not sure that this is clearly defined. But as with many things we need to be willing to follow whatever God lays on our heart, and for us, with this, we feel His leading us to cover in daily life.


October 7, 2008, Hearts and Home writes "When A Mother's Heart Aches".

A mother who has raised her children "unconventionally", observes the teasing and hard decisions her children have to make, choosing to be different from so many in this world. Included is this praise and prayer for her daughter:
Sydney has chosen to wear skirts and dresses only, headcoverings, little to no make-up, does not date, enjoys cooking, sewing, knitting and serving God and Her Family. Not to mention she spends time with her brothers, even in public. Not the typical teen girl. It has taken Sydney 17 years to get the where she is and it was not easy. She went through the straighten your curly hair, wear make-up and fashionable clothes stage, flirt, want a boyfriend, don't hang out with your brothers and all the other "cool" stuff but in the end came back to wanting to please God not so called friends. If you ever get time you can read about many of the journeys my oldest has taken to get to where she is, embracing God's desires for her life over the worlds on her blog.


October 9, 2008, Free To Cover at blogspot writes about "Headcovering Convention: A Jouney to an Orthodox Monastery".

Among her experiences and photos she relates the following:
My first thought, since it was a monastery and all the women were wearing headcoverings was "Hey, it's a head covering convention!" That's what we used to say back in our Mennonite days when we attended the Annual Conference of the Conservative Mennonites. It's just striking when a large group of people gather and are doing something as unconventional as that.


Be encouraged, oh, unconventional Christian ladies. Be "striking". :)
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