Friday, October 10, 2008

Questions of Christian Headcoverings

Interesting study, using the original Greek language, and discussion of Christian headcoverings over at "Follow In His Steps" at blogspot:

A Question of Headcoverings
"The question of why we do not wear headcoverings is a good one! This is a topic that we have devoted intensive scriptural study to, for if the Lord desired us to cover our heads with a cloth/fabric covering, we wanted to be obedient to Him!"

. . .

"*Edited to add: What is shared here is with the intent to stir thought and encourage one to examine this area of headcoverings. It is not intended to cause daughters or wives to go against the teaching and desire of their fathers or husbands. As women, we are commanded by the Lord to submit to our fathers or husbands . . . and this includes in this area of whether or not to cover our heads with a physical cloth covering. I hope that that clarifies this issue a bit! :)"

A Question of Headcoverings - 2
"The most recent post regarding headcoverings has garnered much interest, many comments and several e-mails. Thank you to all of you ladies who shared your thoughts! Through reading what was shared, there is an additional area that we would like to look at regarding this passage in 1 Corinthians 11 as well as the reason behind having any covering at all (whether it be long hair or a physical veil.)"
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