Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cancer Survivor Scarves

I admire women who do these things so much, I try to post their stories and head coverings whenever I can. See more stories at the "cancer" link, at the end of this post.

"Cancer survivor Paula Zidonis weaves scarves into the fabric of her life"
October 29, 2008, Fran Henry, Plain Dealer (Cleveland) Reporter

"The single Southington, Ohio, woman - who'd had a mastectomy after a lumpectomy didn't quell her fears - was moved to found Survivor Scarfs, Etc., which offers scarves in two lengths and 21 patterns. In the long version, the tails can hang free or be pulled into a bow with a small scrunchie.

""I tried wigs and hated them. They were not for me," said Zidonis, who was diagnosed in 2006. "One day, while we were shopping for scarves, my mother said, 'We're here by the fabric store. Let me make you scarves.' "

"And that's what she did, one for every outfit in her daughter's closet.

"When Zidonis went to the Cleveland Clinic for chemotherapy, her social worker admired her scarves and suggested she make them to sell.


"Zidonis' scarves are available in a variety of patterns and colors at her Web site,, or by calling 330-240-8809. Short scarves are $16.99, and long scarves are $18.99. Other head coverings and scarf accessories also are available."

Photos from, which includes a page with instructions on scarf tying.
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