Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Head Wrap Style - with video

"Professional Scarf and Head Wrap Styling"
October 11 2008, by Nicole, at (Ethnic, modest, and tribal attire and lifestyle news)

Here are a few of her thoughts:
Gelee, khimar, and other scarves and headwraps are usually done by the wearer for themselves, but if you know an expert, you can have your wrap done professionally. Head scarf artists in Africa, the middle east, and other parts of the world provide their services for weddings, formal occasions, and those who prefer a precise wrap that looks good from every angle.


If you're a hair stylist, especially a natural or African hair culturist, becoming an expert in scarves will be good for your business. Wrapping is good for times when the hair needs to rest from styling tension and to protect the hair from the harsh elements. It will also enhance your services to the modest dresser, since you'll be able to finish them with a beautiful wrap, not just shoo them away when you're done with their hair and let them fend for themselves.
Please visit the site for a links to videos at YouTube on hair wrapping. She also links to a site of African Head Wraps and How To pages - enjoy visiting!

Here's a few of the videos that allow embedding. Check other videos (carefully, this is YouTube) for more headwrap and scarf tying demonstrations.

How To Rock A Headwrap - version 1

How To Tie Tichel Pt. 1

Tying Gele
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