Thursday, October 9, 2008

Various Headcoverings in the News

An officer, a gentlewoman and a Muslim

by JANE ARMSTRONG, October 9, 2008, in the
BURNABY, B.C. -- In her crisp, white shirt, pressed black skirt and white hijab head covering - Canadian Forces Lieutenant Wafa Dabbagh looked every inch the disciplined soldier.

The only part of her appearance that looked out of place was that her shirt wasn't tucked in. As a faithful Muslim woman, Lt. Dabbagh's dress code doesn't permit her to wear tight or form-fitting clothing. And the Canadian Forces is fine with that. Since joining the forces 12 years ago, Lt. Dabbagh said, the Canadian Forces have gone out of their way to accommodate her faith's dress code and dietary restrictions.

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Find more information on various religious headcoverings in a recent article found on "Head covering and the freedom of religion", adapted from "Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition - The Myth and The Reality" by Dr. Sherif Abdel Azim of Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Despite Protests City Stands By Inmate Haircut Policy

October 6, 2008, in

Portions of the article follow:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Members of the Sikh religion and the America Civil Liberties Union marched outside the Duval County Jail Sunday, claiming an inmate's religious rights were violated when he was forced to cut his hair and have his face shaved.

Sikhs said Jagmohan Ahuja, a member of their religion, had his long hair cut his beard and mustache shaved while behind bars.

Ahuja, 36, has been held since April 29 on three misdemeanor charges relating to violation of protective order and violation of probation. According to the jail Web site, he is not eligible for bond.

. . .

On Monday, Channel 4 received the following statement from the city's attorney:

"The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is committed to respecting and accommodating the religious beliefs of all our inmates population. However, when an inmate's religious practices compromise the safety and security of our corrections facilities, safety and security must take precedence. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has a long-standing policy that mandates sentenced male inmates have short hair and wear no head coverings. This policy is consistent with that of many other correctional facilities throughout Florida and the United States. This policy is necessary to assure the safety of all inmates and corrections officers, by limiting an inmate's ability to conceal contraband and/or weapons. This policy has been determined by courts to be lawful. While we fully respect the involved inmate's religious beliefs, the safety and security of our correctional facility must prevail."


ADL Welcomes Army Decision To Protect Jewish Soldier in Wake of Anti-Semitic Assault at Fort Benning

October 6, 2008, in the Anti-Defamation League's

Part of the report follows:

Pvt. 2nd Class Michael Handman was moved to a secure location at Fort Benning, far from the scene of an assault by a fellow soldier that left him hospitalized with a concussion and other injuries. ADL learned of the Army's decision from the soldier's father, who said he now believes the Army is doing a good job keeping Handman safe.

. . .

Two weeks ago, Handman was reportedly subjected to verbal harassment by two officers who demanded he remove his yarmulke -- a head covering worn by devout Jews -- in the dining hall. On September 24, Handman sustained a concussion after he was lured into a laundry room on base and beaten by a fellow soldier.
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