Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Acne Advice?

This article came up through the websearch on head coverings today: "Where To Go For Free Acne Advice". Caught my attention. You see, natural sunlight is good for your skin, and helps to reduce acne problems. So the people from Acne Product Reports have issued this important information, with some additional warnings, found in the following paragraph:

Although some people have deficiencies that require vitamin D supplements, most people can get enough vitamin D from sunlight and their diet. However, groups of people who may not get enough sun exposure include people who are homebound, have an occupation that keeps them indoors, people living close to the poles, women required to wear robes and head coverings, or people who simply spend too much time watching TV or at a computer. These activities or lifestyles can increase the severity and intensity of your acne.
You know what caught my attention, right? "... women required to wear robes and head coverings ... ". Hmm. So does this mean that women who are not required to wear them but do so anyway are not included in this list? Why throw in the word "required"? It's because of the way these folks - the researchers, the writers and their editors have been taught. No woman in her right and sound mind would wear robes and or head coverings unless it was required, it appears.

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