Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cancer Cap Care

I get many "hits" to these pages, some looking for "how to make caps for cancer patients". Please look through the Those Headcoverings for Cancer web page, for websites and ideas. And if you find a good easy headcovering, or "cancer cap", to make that's comfortable, that you or your loved one like, please consider the following story.

"Taking battle to cancer one wig at a time"

By Garret Mathews, October 7, 2008, in the
OAKLAND CITY, Ind. — Bobbie Buck goes in the hospital today for double mastectomy surgery. It's part of an ongoing battle against cancer that began in 2003, when she had part of a lung removed.

The 57-year-old Gibson County woman is upbeat.

"It'll be OK. Hey, they're letting me bring my own tea."

In 2000, her husband, Chester, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died last year.

"After years of surgeries and chemo both with him and me, I got to know other cancer patients who couldn't afford wigs and head coverings" for their medical-related hair loss, she said. "So I got involved."

She started knitting caps and leaving them at hospitals and oncology centers.

"Real informal. If you need one, pick one up. I would never charge. There are too many people who can't afford to pay."

Buck soon realized there's a greater need than her nimble fingers could meet. She put out the word that folks with spare wigs and turbans can donate them either to her or the Eagles Lodge in Oakland City.

"Everything gets sent to the American Cancer Society. Something like 40 wigs, 60 hats and 50 scarves have come in so far."

She vows to continue the push after recovering from her operation.

"I've got way more to accomplish before I leave this world. I'll just need a little time to get my strength back and get right back to work."

More information at the article, linked above. Also look through the Those Headcoverings for Cancer web page, for websites and ideas.


EDIT, 14 October 08 - Another neat idea about making care caps for cancer patients can be found here: "MNRG Knitting for Charity". Here's the basic information:
Last year the Minnesota RollerGirls did a series of Knitting for Charity events graciously hosted at Crafty Planet. This was inspired by one of the skater's mom's 16-month-long battle with cancer. With yarn supplied by the league, fans and rollergirls, we knit and crocheted well over 100 hats for cancer patients! Each was tagged with an MNRG hangtag signed by the person who made it.

Why is this important?
Cancer patients often undergo chemotherapy and radiation and, as a result, many lose their hair or end up with very thin hair. Many cancer treatments also make patients very sensitive to cool temperatures. This combination leaves a lot of people with cold extremities. Providing free, hand-made, soft, warm head coverings is a small way that we can be supportive of the patients and their families.

Where are they going?
The hats are divided up between the American Cancer Society's local chapter and the U of M's Cancer Center. Both distribute free hats to cancer patients.

How you can help.
Spread the word! Our first event is coming up in just 11 days on October 25.
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