Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughtful Headcovering

"Being Soberminded" - Please read "The Country Cottage" at blogspot, October 11, 2008, for a Christian woman's personal explanation of growing and changing and obeying in several areas in her life. The following paragraph shares her convictions and understandings regarding headcoverings. Notice though that wearing a headcovering is placed here in a listing of several other aspects of her daily living which she has grown in, for nothing really stands alone when we make a decision to give our whole lives to Whom we believe.

Headcovering - I started covering my head for prayer about two years ago. I did it out of conviction after reading the word and then finding Christian testimony on the web. I wasn't sure about it, whether it was relevant for today (that old "it was cultural excuse). But, I was determined to give it a try and see if God wanted me to do this for more than just a season in my life. Two years and now I cover my head most of the day. I do not wear my covering outside unless it is to the store or close by. My family is not supportive of my decision and they feel it is a cultural thing (only for the Jewish Christian's of Paul's time). I also do not cover when I go to church. I attend a very large Bible church and covering is not seen nor taught. The Lord is leading me to cover full time though and I am trusting Him to change the hearts and minds of my family. Personally, I don't really care whether they like it or not; but God calls us to be respectful of parents and husbands, and therefore, I must keep this in mind. He understands and has been helping me ease into it. God is so very good.
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