Saturday, October 11, 2008

Christian Headcovering on Yahoo Groups

I recently received this note in a comment:

"Our group is Covered_Women_4_God on yahoo
It would be great to have more Christian ladies joining us on the group to discuss this note worthy topic"

So I looked up the group:

This group is for WOMEN ONLY who seek to veil themselves (including their hair) as a sign of submission to their Creator. Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jew or other...we seek to support each other in our efforts to dress modestly and to separate ourselves from those who choose to submit to this world.

This is your opportunity to share information and support. Many faiths share in their belief in modesty as part of their faith.

Over the centuries women have been progressively disrobed by fashion, society and politics. Join us in supporting each other as women of the "veil".

Hostile posts will not be tolerated. Nor will off topic posts, so please show respect for the others in the group. PLEASE NO MEN>

If you are interested and wouldn't mind joining a YahooGroup, check into: Covered_Women_4_God


You can also peruse through a great list of "headcovering support groups" at Yahoo Groups - click here for an earlier entry of mine on this subject.
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