Sunday, July 27, 2008

Footnotes on Veiling

"Hijab Alternative"
by Scarf Ace - struggling with dressing modestly in the West, with examples and pictures
Instead of posting only on my inner faith and purpose struggles with hijab, I'm InshaaAllah going to also post about the joy and difficulty of finding clothes that actually cover while "expressing myself."

"Mahrem - Footnotes on Veiling"
The current art project ‘Mahrem – Footnotes on Veiling’ at Berlin Tanas Gallery explores the concepts such as hidden and revealed, visible and invisible, public and private around the on-going contemporary discussions on the veil, the show tries to unfold several differing viewpoints related to Islamic covering and its public perceptions through the works of ten artists.

"Silence Me!"
very interesting article on The Hijab Debate in My Sweet Surrender...A Muslimah's Day to Day, at blogspot

"Pune bans scarves while driving to check terrorism"
The Times of India
A ban on covering faces by women while driving motorbikes has irked several women's organisations in the city.

Satyapal Singh, who took charge of the City Police Commissioner last week has disapproved women covering their faces while driving.

The contention of Singh is that terrorists can take advantage of the practice to disguise themselves.

Many college girls and office-going women here cover their faces from head to chin to protect themselves from heat and dust while riding bikes.

"Scarf It Up!"
The Times of India
Scarved revamped. The younger generation is taking some new lessons in scarf tying.

The gypsy look is in. Says designer Payal Jain, “There is so much that one can do with scarves. Come autumn, we’ll be seeing women ambling down high streets in scarves. Choose the one which goes with your personality. That’ll also reflect in the kind of person you are.”


Adventurous Ammena said...

just came across your blog... looking forward to reading all your bits :)

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

Thank you so much - I hope all the bits I post are interesting and thought provoking! I always appreciate hearing comments from those who stop by. :)

Sweet said...

Aalamu Alaikum Lisam...

Thanks for foot-noting me (NOW I FOUND YOUR BLOG). I am so pleased to be finding more about Islam across the net. Until 1 month ago, I didn't really know there was so much info...not due to ignorance, but just lack of time. Now I am taking the time to read and learn more. And also to see other opinions. Great Blog!