Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Miscellaneous Fashion and Headcoverings

"The best thing since…" from The Hijab Blog at Wordpress, has found it - the perfect device for organizing and taking care of multiple headscarves. Hers is from IKEA, but I'm thinking there must be similar items out there. Click this link to see the item. The photo here is also from the blog. And scroll through the blog if you have time to check out the pretty outfits she's put together. Nicely illustrated hijab blog.

"No matter the season, wrap yourself in color, fun", from the - purely concerning fashion - showcases (in words, no photos, unfortunately) the versatility of the head scarf in your wardrobe, referencing some names in the fashion design world who use head wraps in their outfits (such as Diane von Furstenberg), as well as names of some celebrities who wear scarves. Photo of ribbon headband here from, referenced in the article.

"Silk Head Wraps", from the Skin Beautiful Blog at Wordpress, explains the benefits of wearing a silk head scarf at night. Did you ever have someone ask: "Do you wear that thing to bed?" I laughed out loud when I read this, thinking of that question, because now you can answer "yes!" - if you want to. Photo here taken off the blog. Read the full article, which includes this:
Some of the benefits of a silk wrap for hair at night are:

* prevents dryness which reduces breakage
* silk allows air flow to keep from sweating in hair
* keeping hair in place so reducing the use of heat styling in the morning
* helps to keep your hairstyle longer

Silk head wraps are beautiful and beneficial when caring for your hair. Whenever you need to keep your hair in it’s place, grab a silk head wrap. I use mine simply to keep my hair from getting into my face at night without using a harmful rubber band.

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