Friday, July 25, 2008

political head coverings

site discovered in: "Tap the Jewish vote with Obama, McCain kippahs"
John Cook's Venture Blog,


"There has never been a better time to sport a political statement on your head."



" is the brainchild of an adult named Shmuly Tennenhaus. Much like the belt, watch and handbag, VK (shorthand for aims to position the Kippah/Yarmulke/Skullcap as a must have fashion accessory. Stay tuned for the Bluetooth Kippah and the the ringtone Yarmulke."


hmmm And yet another reason why a woman wearing a head covering for modesty or spiritually outside of worship time will probably be accused of only trying to promote her beliefs on you.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo you use for your profile, LisaM! :-)

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

Thank you, Kristin! It isn't me, but is just one of my favorites from the Getty Images that I put together for the slideshow on this page.

Unknown said...

Oh mi goodness, those are hilarious and adorable. I love yamakhuhs.

I would totally spot a headscarf with a message. Although, I doubt it would be political in nature. I dunno why but I think it's super cute too when employers go out of their way to make employee uniforms with headcovers. I once saw an IKEA headscarf for employees at a store in Dubai or the Emirates. Super cute post.

erica aisha

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

I know that it happens. I've seen Christian women's headscarves with "1 Corinthians 11" stitched into them.